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Statics in general

Statical analysis implies the knowledge of structural capacity and safety in construction.

Statical analysis deals with structural capacity calculations for each structural element of building construction under constant load along with accidental load.

Loads which affect the structure according to weather changeability are:

  • Constant load (the weight of the supported structure itself)
  • Variable load (working load, wind load, temperature load, snow load)
  • Accidental load (earthquake, fire, explosion)

Leading role in statical analysis is given to civil engineers whose job is to achieve and statically prove every architectural idea.

Different analytical and graphical methods are used in calculations and planning so that the structure would be in accordance with building standards.

Consulting services

We are able to connect clients and investors with architectural offices with which we cooperate with throughout Croatia.

Equally, we are able to offer collaboration to foreign architectural and design offices which plan to expand to the Croatian market and are in need of assistance with Croatian standards and regulations.


Listed below you can find a few examples of larger projects which make us extremely proud:

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Work we are involved in

  • Making of preliminary structure design
  • Making of implementation plans, repayment plans and steel reinforcement plans
  • Design of steel structures
  • Design of timber structures
  • Design of reinforced – concrete structures
  • Streamlining of construction
  • Projects of elimination
  • Projects of reconstruction of existing structures
  • Projects of renovation of existing structures
  • Designer and expert supervision of construction
  • Seismic structure analysis
  • Making of implementation plans, repayment plans and steel reinforcement plans
  • Structure legalization
  • Audit of reinforced – concrete structures*

*Our company is certified for audit of reinforced – concrete structures and masonry structures by our founder, civil engineer Borislav Škorosince 1996.